Tuesday, June 4, 2013

IV UVB with Hydrogen Peroxide

I just finished my five months of Babesia treatment.  My doctor wasn't happy with where I was at (neither was I) and we had expected to see more improvement.   I was expecting that she was going to suggest that I go back on antibiotics, but she didn't.  Instead she started me on IV UVB treatments.  The more that I read about it, the more I think it's fantastic!

I'm going to explain this in simple terms.  A little over half a cup of blood is removed through an IV and it passes under a UV light.  Once it goes through twice (this may even go up in the future) it is returned to my body.  My blood cells are then supposed to read that as a map and kick up my immune system to fight off any invaders.  It also delivers quite a bit more oxygen to the blood which can do wonders.  I recommend using google to read more because I'm not a chemist and there is a whole wealth of information out there on this treatment for those with not only lyme, but many other illnesses.

I didn't feel a single thing after my first treatment.  However, today was my second treatment and they added hydrogen peroxide.  the more that I read, the more I think hydrogen peroxide is a miracle drug!  Amazing!  I have been very tired since my treatment and am experiencing quite a bit of die off. 

This treatment will continue for 4-5 weeks and then we will evaluate where I am at and whether or not the treatment needs to continue.  In addition I am taking Lauricidin which is also known to do amazing things for the body.

I'm feeling positive that I'm getting closer to being healthy again!  I'm determined to by lyme free this year - or at least in remission!

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