Saturday, June 23, 2012

When Caffeine -My Best Friend- Became My Enemy

As I was fighting for my life back, and my energy started improving, I decided I needed to fight to find "me" again. 

I had been a coffee drinker for at least ten years on a regular basis.  I was one of the people who would get a head ache if I didn't have my morning coffee.

Coffee was my way back to normality.  I grabbed a cup one morning thinking that it was my first step back to being "me" again.

Shortly after I drank the coffee, I felt as though someone released little firecrackers in my brain.  I wanted to cup my brain and scream.  In addition,  I was having a hard time breathing.  Caffeine did not agree with my body anymore.

At that time it was easy to blame it on anxiety.  I blamed EVERYTHING on anxiety.  My entire life, I tended to lean more towards the depression end of the scale when I would go through difficult times.  Anxiety was never a big part of my life and I was so confused as to why it decided to show up.

Now it all makes sense.  Lyme.  It's taken a hold of every single function in my body.  I will not be a victim to this devastating disease and I will find my way back to good health. 

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