Wednesday, October 10, 2012

CDC and their inaccurate numbers

About six weeks after my official diagnosis, I received a call from a nurse.  I can't remember exactly where she was calling from, but I'm pretty certain she was from the state health department.   She called to interview me about my case.

She had many questions.  We covered all my test results and exactly what they meant.  She told me that my case is NOT reportable to the CDC.   She mentioned that the CDC requires specific numbers to line up before they consider a case of Lyme to be reportable.  I was about one number off from what they wanted.

I mentioned that I had found a tick on me, and she then thought it was a possibility that it could be reportable.  She then looked up a few more of CDC standards, and came back telling me once again she couldn't report it.

So, per the CDC, even though I had a tick on me, I had symptoms that followed lyme disease, they still wouldn't accept my case.  Apparently, that isn't enough.

With that said, CDC numbers ARE NOT accurate.   Oregon is infested with Lyme Disease along with many other states that appear to not be affected.  Don't let any doctor tell you differently.

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