Wednesday, October 31, 2012

4 months into treatment.....

...and it is with great sadness that I report that many of my symptoms are back.  The rain has started again in the Pacific Northwest, and I feel like I'm "flaring" due to the season change.  I don't quite understand why people with Lymes Disease have Flair ups, but I plan on talking to my LLMD about it my next visit.

I feel so discouraged.  I've been fighting this nightmare for months and was feeling so much better until now.

Over the last week, here are all of the symptoms that have reappeared:

Sensitivity to light
Pain behind my eyes (could also be described as a headache I suppose)
inability to exercise
Joint Pain - mainly knees and wrists
Foot Pain
Waking between 2-4am and not able to fall back asleep

I've been searching the internet all night looking for answers.  I feel so desperate for help, but there isn't enough help available for this devastating disease.  I did find a blog that gave me the courage to continue fighting....because believe me, the thought of giving up has crossed my times a million times this week.  

Here is the inspiring blog:

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