Monday, February 25, 2013


Lyme disease is an epidemic.  Let me say that again.  Lyme disease is an epidemic.

It blows my mind that so many people in my life know how much I have suffered with lyme disease, but most people have never taken the time to read about what lyme disease is.  I guess it isn't fair that I expect people to do that, but it sure would be nice.  Not only would it show that they care and support me, but it would also show that they wanted to educate themselves simply so they would be able to better protect themselves from this nightmare of a disease. 

Tonight I was asked about my symptoms.  When I answered, I didn't feel like I was being heard.  I'm sure that most people with lyme have experienced this at least once.  I think I expect people to somehow understand how difficult living with lyme diesease is and how important it is that they learn as much as they can about the disease.

Tonight I mentioned that I am approaching seven months of treatment.  I was looked at as if I should be cured by now.  It's almost as if I could read their mind.  "How can she still be sick after seven months of treatment?"  Well, if they took the time to educate themselves, they could have reacted much different when I mentioned it had been seven months.  

I often post educational pieces on Facebook. I often feel that people are a little annoyed with the posts, or just don't feel it's important.  It's rare I even get a single "like" when I post lyme info on facebook.  However, if I posted something about the flu virus, I'm certain I would get many "likes".

If lyme disease was an STD, I guarantee my friends would take the time to read about it.  Why?  Because they would believe they had a chance of catching it.  Why do people think they are safe from lyme?  I guess the answer is easy. According to the CDC, lyme isn't really an issue. 

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